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C’s go into O-lando and hand the Magic a bag of coal

Celts – 86
Magic – 77

Perk did a beastly job keeping Dwight out of his comfort zone and effectively shutting him down the whole game. Human Growth Howard only had 5 points last night, the last time he scored single digit points was on November 3rd vesus guess who, the C’s! Look’s like Perk’s that kryptonite to a fraud “superman”. The whole squad played with a lot of balls yesterday. Sheed stepped up big and wouldn’t let anybody get comfortable on the court. Rondo was yet again spectacular, and the rest of the team fell into place from there. Celts get the win, and show the magic that there’s more to winning than just having a seven footer with a body like Tarzan and a heart like Jane.

“You’ve just got to go in and be prepared to go to war. You’ve got to fight him first, hit him first. He likes to be physical, but he doesn’t like anyone to be physical with him.” – Perk

Pierce out for at least a week

After carrying the offense down the stretch of Tuesday night’s win over Indiana, the last thing anyone imagined was that Paul Pierce would wake up later with an infection in one of his knees. But that’s exactly what happened to the Celtics captain, resulting in a procedure to drain the knee this morning. Pierce, who thus missed the team flight to Orlando for Friday’s Christmas Day game against Orlando, and will miss all of the upcoming four-city road trip.


Exactly the type of thing you don’t want to hear, but its better to take care of any issues now before they come up down the stretch. I am doubting on KG for Orlando either, but I’m still not doubting the Perk-Ray-Rondo-Sheed show. I expect Billy Walker to get the call back up for the road trip.

The Tale of Two Halves

Late word came down that KG wasn’t playing, so Sheed got the start.

Thats the only first half photo we’re putting up because it was UGLY and Indy looked like they were going to steal ANOTHER win from Boston.

Fortunately Paul and Ray were huge and the second half along and the C’s snuck away in the 4th to seal it.

Big Al full of Big Props for Perk

The C’s may have beaten the TWolves in fashion, but that didnt stop Big Al from giving his pal a little support:
“Mad respect…The way he keeps playing, I think he has a chance to make the All-Star Game. I actually do see him a lot because (the Celtics) always play on a day we don’t play and I watch them every chance I get. To me, he had a quiet night (last night), compared to the games I have seen him play.” – Al Jefferson

And he wasn’t the only one doling out love for the Sensei, the Truth also came out:
“Perk really doesn’t get a lot of credit for things he does because of me and Kevin and Ray (Allen), but I really think Perk is one of the more underrated big men in all the league. I mean, he brings it every night. He’s starting to be more and more consistent each and every night. Defensively what we’re asking him to do, we’re asking him to guard the best guys down low night in and night out, and he’s playing on a high level. In my eyes, he’s one of the top centers in not only the East but in all of basketball.” -Paul Pierce


Rajon Rondo: “Play of the year, without a doubt. I mean, we knew they were capable, they give us a hard time every day in practice.’’

Happy Holidays from the Beast Lair

C’s take on the sans-A.I. 76ers tonight.
Paul Pierce unveils a new Blog.
We’ll still be posting over the break, but Happy Holidays nonetheless.

Tendinitis Plus (TEN+) and Advanced Statistical Scouting (A.S.S.) statistics

The Beast Lair has gotten the hook up from the HoopGeek to have, as of right now, the sole reproduction rights to two of the most exact statistical formulas I have ever seen, the Tendinitis Plus (TEN+) and Advanced Statistical Scouting (A.S.S.) formulas. The Hollinger’s and Berri’s of the world should definitely pay attention, as the numbers that we are going to get into definitely carry some weight.

Advanced Statistical Scouting (A.S.S.) Stats
Scr: Scoring (Lg. Avg. = 15) – Gives neutral weight to the ability to score (ie. balances out volume shooters vs low-usage efficiency.)
Reb: Rebounding (Lg. Avg. = 9) – Additional weight is given to those who procure the offensive variety.
Bhd: Ballhandling (Lg. Avg. = 0) – A negative rating isn’t a death sentence but it is a sign that someone else on the team needs to be handling the ball and playmaking.
Dsrp: Disruptive Defense (Lg. Avg. = 4) – Players with a rating
TEN+ – Rating system that is similar in concept to OPS+ or ERA+ in baseball. Attempts to incorporate defense by using regression of on-court/off-court data. TEN+, at the team level, has consistently outperformed pythag in determining expected winning percentage.
190+ : MVP Canidate
150+ : Superstar
130+ : All-Star
100+ : Starter
75+ : Rotation
60+ : Deep Bench

We are going to delve deeper into these numbers throughout the season, but to just scratch the surface here are the Ten+ and A.S.S. numbers for the first 20 games, in alphabetical order.

Ray Allen:
TEN+: 95 Fair$: $7,113,212.87
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 18 Reb: 4 Bh: 0 Dsrp: 2

Marquis Daniels:
TEN+: 88 Fair$: $3,629,113.73
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 10 Reb: 5 Bh: 1 Dsrp: 4

Kevin Garnett:
TEN+: 147 Fair$: $14,263,864.60
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 21 Reb: 12 Bh: 1 Dsrp: 5

J.R. Giddens:
TEN+: 57 Fair$: $835,019.42
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 4 Reb: 6 Bh: -5 Dsrp: 4

Eddie House:
TEN+: 87 Fair$: $3,326,503.74
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 18 Reb: 4 Bh: -1 Dsrp: 4

Lester Hudson:
TEN+: 45 Fair$: $1,043,357.43
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 6 Reb: 5 Bh: -2 Dsrp: 7

Kendrick Perkins:
TEN+: 122 Fair$: $7,659,481.59
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 18 Reb: 14 Bh: -4 Dsrp: 6

Paul Pierce:
TEN+: 151 Fair$: $15,223,992.61
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 23 Reb: 6 Bh: 2 Dsrp: 4

Rajon Rondo:
TEN+: 182 Fair$: $23,664,617.34
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 15 Reb: 6 Bh: 11 Dsrp: 8

Brian Scalabrine:
TEN+: 68 Fair$: $1,512,287.63
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 13 Reb: 2 Bh: -4 Dsrp: 5

Rasheed Wallace:
TEN+: 96 Fair$: $5,377,650.18
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 16 Reb: 9 Bh: -1 Dsrp: 8

Shelden Williams:
TEN+: 105 Fair$: $4,283,908.71
A.S.S. Stats: Scr: 13 Reb: 15 Bh: -2 Dsrp: 5

Some brief thoughts: Its pretty evident by these numbers, and in real life, that Rondo is playing out of his mind right now. That doesn’t even take into account the last few games, post OKC, where his confidence has really soared. The same goes for the Sensei, Perk’s numbers have only gotten better of late. These two are proving why its the Starting 5 and not Big 3. Sheed, while out of shape, is earning his keep. Obviously, Shelden Williams has been a steal.

You just got Rondo’d

Rondo leads the C’s over the Wiz 104-102

Rondo was on fire last night, leading to the Rondo/KG show for much of the game.


Ray scored his 20,000th Point.

while Paul scored his 19,000th Career Point.

Little closer than the beast lair would’ve liked in the 4th, but a win is a win.

Ray 14 Points Away from 20K Points

Hopefully the defensive stalwart combo of Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas will allow Ray to complete that goal tonight.