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The Sensei’s Progress Report – Perk Practices

From ESPN’s Celtics Blog:

After an MRI last week, the training staff gave Perkins the OK to attempt non-contact work and he joined his teammates on the court for both stretching and skeleton work during Tuesday’s 75-minute session. Perkins worked with the first-team while running some basic sets and capped some pick-and-roll exercises with a series of dunks.

“I went through the dummy offense a little bit with the guys — got up and down a bit — it felt pretty good,” said Perkins. “We just went over some plays, it was good to be out there.”

Perkins, who got fitted for a new brace last week, said he dunked immediately after trying it on — “Just to make sure I still can,” he joked — but said he even surprised himself Tuesday by not thinking about the injury and moving well.

“A couple times I did [think about the knee], like on a pick-and-roll that I went up and dunked, but I didn’t even think about it then, not until after. I was like, ‘Damn, I might be alright, after all.’ I felt pretty good out there.

“I guess, basically, it’s having the confidence to know that — you’re kinda going to be scared on it the first couple times being back out there — but [I wasn't] really today. My timing was a little off, but I thought I did pretty well for my first time back.”

Merry Shaqmas

You cannot escape Shaq. Click on the link to see Walled In by Ben Aqua.

The Zen of Basketball Continues

In the pivot with Clifford Ray

In the pivot

Episode 7:Hail to the Chief


On this episode we humbly welcome Robert Parish, Nine-time NBA All-Star, Four-time champion, Hall of fame player, and member of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time to the show. In this nearly two hour show we discuss Robert’s career, his thoughts on today’s game, the secrets of guarding Kareem, playing with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan and much, much more. This show is a can’t miss for basketball enthusiasts of all ages. As always the show starts after the jump.

Toine’s Career recapped in 2 videos

From NBA:

to NBDL:

Here are some words of wisdom for Toine from a 13 year old ballboy for the Springfield Armor (whom advised Terrence Williams of the Nets on his NBDL stint):

I don’t like nerves

Loved the CelticsHub photo-recap of yesterdays game
The start of the Bobcats game:

The end of the Bobcats game:

“I don’t like nerves” - Semih “Automatic” Erden

More from Birdmas:

In the Pivot with Clifford Ray

In the pivot

Episode 6:What’s Old is New

The new “Big Three” has now passed 200 games together as a unit and the results are historic At 150-50 the team is just three games behind the original Big Three, which amassed a 153-47 record over the comparable period.

In this episode we take a look a both units through the eyes of a man who witnessed both eras from a front row seat. Celtics fans of the 1980′s will love this discussion.


Zen Basketball Part 1

In the pivot with Clifford Ray

In the pivot

Episode 5:Honoring Russ

Last week President Barack Obama named William Felton Russell as one the 15 recipients of the Medal of Freedom the Nation’s highest civilian honor, which is “presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” We discuss Russell’s game and his legacy, plus the question if anyone can fit the bill as the next Bill Russell? All that and a discussion of what we’re thankful for.

As always, the show starts after the jump.

In the pivot with Clifford Ray

In the pivot

Episode 4:On the road to find out

On this week’s show we discuss the first ten games of the NBA season. Cliff joins us from Erick Dampier’s house and gives us an update on the free agent big man. We also discuss the hot start of the Boston Celtics and Hornets, Kevin Love’s 31 and 31 performance and a long discussion on Lebron James and Al Jefferson. As always the show starts after the jump.