What has become of my NBA?

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Where Ruining The Game Happens

What sort of nonsense has the league pulled this time? Suspending Kevin Garnett for a game for an incident that didn’t draw an ejection, where no punches were thrown, and which the players didn’t really even have to be separated.

What kind of a gentrified, strip-mall friendly, puke-inducing, “Dancing With The Stars” sanitized drivel is David Stern trying to run here? Stern, you fraudulent, rat-faced twerp, stop messing with my game. The “incident” with Andrew Bogut wasn’t even an incident. What did Doc say “Two guys who didn’t want to fight backing away from each other.” This is a disgrace. And what of the Rockets-Suns scrum, which nearly spilled over into the front row? The instigators in that incident got only a two-game suspension, while Tracy McGrady only gets fined for throwing Steve Nash to the floor? Why, because it’s more fun to watch two girls fight?

This is just absolute horse crap. We used to have a league where men played a man’s game, now we have a bunch of nancy-boys, who are afraid to even be emotional for fear that Herr Dicktator Stern will impose his draconian and arbitrary fines upon them. He’s ruining the game. Can’t everyone see this? First, with his cover ups on the dirty refs, then his atrocious codes of conduct and dress codes, then his colluding with the NCAA to deny young men a chance to maximize their earning potential and now this? If he were any other executive he’d be sitting in front of congress right now denying culpability. I am sickened by this. There was no incident, there was no spillover, and there is no justification for this pansification of the game I love. Let them play and get out of the way. It’s time for Stern to go.

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