Perk’s rough reputation with refs is undeserved

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This must be said. Last night, with barely any time left in the first half, Kendrick Perkins was assessed a technical foul with .2 seconds on the clock. It was his seventh technical foul this young season. It was a stupid and unnecessary call by a group of referees who are not fit for their jobs or salaries. The refereeing in last night’s game was beyond NBA atrocious, we just aren’t talking about it because the Celtics won so handily. However, something must be done about this. Greg Willard, Violet Palmer and Pat Fraher do not deserve to be in the NBA, they don’t deserve to be in the CBA, and they don’t deserve to be in the ABA, the FIBA, or the YMCA. They stink. They are your classic make up call, NBA hacks. They bailed out the Pistons on numerous occasions and by and large stunk up the joint. The three calls that were the most atrocious and most suspect if you ask me where as follows: a foul on Kendrick Perkins against a desperation Rasheed Wallace turnaround as the shot clock expired in the first half, a foul against Rondo as Iverson banged his head into him, and a foul again on Rondo when Iverson slipped on his shoe. The NBA should investigate these referees. I was at that game last night and those were very suspicious calls. Why is there still no accountability in the NBA? Why is there still no transparency? Why isn’t there penalties for “make up” calls, which are just as egregious as a bad call? The NBA needs to learn how to govern itself before this becomes pro-wrestling.

Which brings me to point number two. Kendrick Perkins. I have watched every minute of this kids career, I know him personally and I am a more than astute basketball watcher, so I am perfectly comfortable in my opinion that Perkins is being targeted by the referees. He is neither a thug, or a punk, or a crybaby, or a cheap shot artist. I’ve never seen Perkins once throw a dirty elbow, or undercut anyone, or take out a guy with any malice. Further, he’s a hard worker, a solid citizen, and a good player, so why in the world is he leading the league in technicals, a league mind you that has such head cases as Rasheed Wallace, Ron Artest, Rafer Alston, Nate Robinson, and Zach Randolph. Are you telling me that Perkins is a bigger malcontent than Wallace? I saw Wallace yell at every ref during one trip, as soon as one ignored him he went on to yell at another one. But does he get the call? No. That’s absurd. The referees are targeting Perkins because like all cowards the NBA ref follows the caste system to a T. Don’t “T” up Kobe Bryant, he’s a superstar, but you can call one on X. Don’t give Kevin Garnett a technical foul, even though he’s yelling at everyone in the building, but give one to Perkins because he’s a nobody. This has to stop, it’s pathetic and sickening. I mean what good is a technical foul anyway? Do we even need it in the game? These guys talk, because basketball is a game of emotions. You take the emotions out and all you have is a bunch of pituitary cases throwing a ball at a basket. What good is that? Who wants to watch that?

The only way to stop this tyranny is to vote for Perk for the all star team. That’s the only way we can free him of this burden, because All-Stars get calls. We tried the veteran thing, it didn’t work, we’ve tried the winning thing, it didn’t work. So, now we have to play by these bastards rules and make him an All Star. So do it, vote now, vote beast.

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