Technically Speaking: It isn’t Perk’s fault

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A lot of ink being spilled today about technical fouls and Kendrick Perkins. There’s something in the Globe

, The Metrowest Daily News, and the Brockton Enterprise. There’s probably something in the Herald too, but I refuse to read them ever since they’ve taken to writing articles like this, which makes me think some people in that newsroom have sympathy for the guys with white hoods who burn crosses. Seriously, stop the war on Roxbury. It’s offensive and unfair.

Anyway, I digress. Personally, I think the sports writers just can’t resist any story that could have a catchy headline. However, one good thing is coming out of all the attention. Doc finally seems to be coming to the defense of his center.

“A lot of them are double technicals, where someone’s saying something to him and he turns around and they get a double tech,” Rivers said. “That, to me, is where the officials have to do their job. I think it’s easier to discipline both people instead of saying this guy started it, we’re just going to give you a tech.”

Our theory is that the refs want to call the technical fouls on somebody and if they call them on Garnett or Pierce they affect the game. Since the NBA referee has as much spine as an Arthropoda Perkins seems to be the most logical choice. Personally, I think it sucks and that the league should fine referees for double techs when, on review, it turns out the call was unjustified. Or, they shouldn’t fine for a double technical foul. But, then again, who’s listening to a whack job like me.

Beast on Perk, and Golden State is in town tonight, which means Don Nelson will be bringing his ugliest Cosby sweater to the Garden.

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