Tuesday roundup: Rondo an All-Star? WNBA in Trouble? Rodney Rogers Paralyzed? And, yes Perk says it was personal

While in a ponderous mood last night, the thought occurred to me, ‘who in the east is better than Rajon Rondo at the point?’ This thought sent me searching the interwebs for answers and the answer I got was, well, nobody. Further, with his inspired play of late, shouldn’t Rajon be a major contender for an All-Star berth? Let’s discuss.

At 10 points, 7 assists and 4 boards to go with 2 plus steals a game, Rondo’s numbers are impressive. However, more impressive are the 44 assists he’s had in the last five games. And while guys like Jose Calderon and Devin Harris have prettier numbers, their team’s win-loss records should be taken into account (New Jersey is a surprising 9-7, while Toronto is a pedestrian 8-8) . Rondo is the engine on a 17-2 Ferrari, what more do you want? If he was on New Jersey, Rondo would be putting up similar numbers to Harris.

My best guess is that Rajon gets the snub because the NBA is more of a roto-geek league than I’m comfortable with. However, it’s worth noting that no point guard has been more dominant in the past three weeks than Rajon Rondo.

Other things that caught my interest. The NY Post is reporting that old friend Rodney Rogers may be paralyzed from the neck down after an ATV accident. Let’s hope not. Also, the WNBA’s Houston Comets are apparently disbanding, according to published reports. This can’t be good for the future of the WNBA when a team that has won roughly forty percent of the league’s titles doesn’t have any interested buyers. Perhaps, the WNBA isn’t long for this world after all. Too bad, and they had such, great, commercials. Seriously, I don’t want to be a jerk, but what did you expect with a summer basketball league that had less talent than the NBA but was obnoxiously marketed and rammed down NBA fans’ throats all spring. Even if I loved women’s basketball, I would’ve avoided the WNBA on principle alone.

We told you last night’s game was personal with Dwight Howard? Apparently, Steve Bulpett was listening.

“I always take it personal,” said Perkins, who picked up his ninth technical of the season late in the game. “I take pride in playing defense. He’s going to have an effect on the game because he’s an MVP candidate, but I just want to make sure I maintain and make him work.”

Finally, last week a regular reader of the beast lair reminded us that November is a particularly sentimental month for the Perkins family. As many of you know, Kendrick’s mother was killed shortly after his fifth birthday. We did a little checking into it and apparently Ercell Minix’s birthday was November 18th. She would have been 44 years old this year. Sadly, last night was likely another hard night emotionally for the family, as it marked the 19th anniversary of her death, according to the Jefferson County department of records. We would be remiss in not sending our thoughts out to Kendrick and his family. Many people might use this horrible twist of fate as a crutch, or an excuse for a life of blown promise, but some people use adversity to become stronger and more determined. Kendrick Perkins is that kind of guy. And while I’m sure he didn’t use last night’s game as some sort of tribute to his late mother, no basketball game could do that, it had to be somewhere in Perk’s mind last night. It was certainly in ours.

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