Perk grants Oden beastly status and other practice notes

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From one beast to another.

A couple notes from today’s short practice:

Kendrick gave Greg Oden his official blessing with this beastly proclamation:

“I’d hate to see Greg Oden in three years. He’s going to be a beast.”

So will Perk, but never second guess a man when he’s being magnanimous. And then our spies related to us this terrific anecdote.

At the end of practice, Patrick O’Bryant is sprinting up and down the floor catching lob passes and dunking. After about his fifth or sixth one, he stops and puts his hands on his knees. Perkins, who’s watching from the sideline, is yelling “GIVE ME ONE MORE! GIVE ME ONE MORE!” O’Bryant keeps breathing heavy. He doesn’t move an inch. As Perk turns to walk out, he said, “Just wanted to see where your nuts was.”

You can’t make that shit up.

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