But this one goes to 11: Celtics blaze Team Oden 93-78

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Let me tell you a story. When I was about eight years old my mother bought an antique breakfast table that she spent a lot of money on. It was a beautiful table that she loved, and she was so proud to bring it home. It was one of this first “nice things” my mom bought for new house and she showed it off with pride.

A day later, I had a homework assignment to write a letter to a friend. I decided to sit down and write this letter in pencil on mom’s new table. As I finished this letter, I decided to sign it “Sincerely, Fred.” I don’t know why. My name is not Fred. I didn’t know any Freds, but it seemed like something to do. Just as I was finishing the “D” on Fred, mom walked in and asked me what I was doing. Apparently, I wasn’t supposed to write on the table without something underneath my paper, because carved into the new table was, clear as day, “Sincerely, Fred.” Needless to say, she was terribly upset that I ruined her table.

To this day, 25 years later that table is scared with my eight year old chicken scratch. It’s sort of become a permanent tattoo on the table, a brand.

Tonight, I think about that table as Kendrick Perkins welcomed Greg Oden to the Garden. Maybe his 12 point, 12 rebound beasting is something akin to what I did to that table, so many years ago? Perhaps, Oden will remember this day for many years as he and Perk engage in what will surely be more epic battles. Or, maybe it’ll just be something that we all remember, because the first time we saw what could have been, we realized that what we got is pretty damn good.

Celtics win 11th straight 93-78


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