Top of the heap

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With the Fakers 113-101 loss to the lowly Kings, the Celtics sit untouched above the fray at 20-2. We are without a doubt the best team in the league with one-quarter of our season done. And with a 90 percent winning percentage, we are on pace to win 74 games. WOW. Now, that doesn’t mean we will, but at the quarter pole of the season we are in the fabled catbird seat. There’s not much going on this week, so we can just sit back for a second and reflect on the fact that our team has showed no signs of complacency coming off of their championship, which is, in a word, remarkable.

HubHoops has some nice practice notes on Ray Allen’s recent hot streak.

“It’s beautiful to watch, (to) take a back seat and just watch him,” Pierce said. “He’s been carrying us a lot with his hot shooting. Guys realize that and that’s why we make him an effort to give him the ball. He has a nice groove going. I know when I play like that I want the ball.”


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