Weekend Wrap-Up

The Celtics won both games they played this weekend, beating the Spurs by three points on Friday night and crushing the Grizzlies the night after. The big players on Friday night were Rondo and Perk. Rondo showed Tony Parker what the little guys from Louisville, Kentucky are made of by scoring 16 points and dishin out 12 assists, while Perk just beasted on Tim Duncan and the rest with his stellar d, swatting 5 shots and throwin down 10 points. We also need to thank Tony Parker for choking on four free throw attempts in the last minutes of the game. The following night in Memphis, it was all about Big Baby, Rondo and Eddie. Glen had a great overall night scoring 24 points and throwing down a facial on Darko. Perk also had a facial on Darko within five minutes after Glens. The only difference between the two was that Perk’s thunder dunk had Darko towing his arms over his head and running for cover while Glens was just over the big man from Yugoslavia. Rondo was, well Rondo again with 9 points, 10 assists and 7 boards. Then there was Eddie. Oh Eddie, the three point gods watch over you our assassin. Eddie had 15 points, almost all of them from beyond the arc. This weekend KG also returned to the team, and brought with him some fire that was much needed. Although Doc kept KG at around 15-16 minutes of playing time in each game, he was just as intense on the bench as he was off, and it was a totally different atmosphere with him around. Tomorrow night the Celts take on the Clippers at the Garden. Our old friend Tricky Ricky is gonna be there, so make sure to tune in, it’s always a party when Ricky’s in town.

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