The Truth Speaks

The accolades have been coming in with articles in the Globe and Herald and more importantly props from the Captain:

“He’s tremendous,” Paul Pierce said. “I mean, for us to be the top defensive field goal team with Perk among the shot block leaders, he definitely gets my vote on the all-defensive team. I can’t think of anybody in the league whose done a better job than he’s done this year. Especially with Kevin being out, he’s doing a great job rebounding, clogging up the middle, blocking shots, getting the offensive rebound.

“So if he doesn’t make the all-defensive team it will be a conspiracy.”

Of course the ever humble sensei has his mind on target…

“That’s not my goal,” Perkins said of the All-Defensive team. “My goal is to win another ring. You win another ring, everybody gets a piece of the pie. Individual goals, that’s cool, but by going for bigger goals you achieve smaller goals.

“I hope I make it but if I don’t it’s not a big deal. I’ve still got my eyes on the prize.”

“I’m just trying to be the captain on the defense right now. KG’s out and I’m the last line of defense, so I’m just trying to talk and be there for guys.”

He also knows what it takes to get there:

“I just think each year you’ve got to get better. As a player, I have to improve every year. I just figure that, as much hard work as I’ve put in, I’ve got to start doing it on the court.

“He works hours every day with Clifford,” coach Doc Rivers said. “It’s a great example of how you have to wait for young guys. We’ve been working with him, but it just takes time.”

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