Celts squeeze out win, Knock Nets out of playoffs

Along with handing the Nets their 46th loss of the season last night, the Celtics also knocked Vince Carter and the Nets out of the playoffs. With the Nets out of the picture, it looks like the Pistons have secured the 8th seed. That means that if the playoffs were to start today, the Cavs would play the Pistons and the C’s would be matched up with the 38-40 Chicago Bulls. But first things first, finish the season strong. We have four games left in the season, three of which are vs playoff contenders. My opinion on these last four games, rest the starters. If Doc has to play them for one of the four games, it should most definitely be the game vs the Cavs. Other than that, we should really rest the big guys for the playoffs. In terms of KG, I hear that he’s back working out, but won’t be playing until at least the Phili game. My take is who cares if KG plays at all for the rest of the season? What we really need is for that knee to be healthy during the next 2 months. What does it matter if we drop a game to Washington? Right, it doesn’t, so don’t push Kevin to come back and further aggravate the knee that hopefully will get us to June.

Last night’s game was a lot of fun to watch. Rondo just went to work, showing the league who really should have been the PG in the all star game, and as for the questions of whether Rajon and Steph are getting along ok, well I think this pretty much sums it up. “The guy had (31) points and I think he shot all layups,” Marbury said. “He reminds me of Pearl Washington from what they said from back in the days – a guy who didn’t really shoot the jump shot but just continued to get to the basket and dominate.”

Life in Celtics nation is good right now, lets hope that we can keep it this way until around June 17th, shall we.

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