I am Because We Are (The Test Begins Now…)

Obviously there has been some disappointing news, the total impact of which is hard to measure just yet. But that does not change what starts today, it will bring focus, clarity and strength to the team. The message of Ubuntu has not changed, “I am Because We Are”!

There is an immediate opportunity for some major contributions from players playing lesser parts up until now. Several players are on contract years, only furthering their desire to get noticed on a National level (James Posey).

Lets start with those most immediately affected…

The Sensei, the Captain of the Defense, his best Season in Green, he’s stepped up his game and his eyes are on the prize.

Leon Powe has been a beast in the Playoffs before, hopefully he has had enough recovery time.

Big Baby’s contributions with the KG void have been immeasurable. Energy, energy, energy. A long time ago I was told Davis had a similar skill-set to The Jefferson, which was laughable at the time, but now holds some credence.

The Late Season Additions:

Starbury needs to find his flow just a little more and really start putting points on the board, through assists and layups. Paul Pierce/Ray Allen/Eddie House will immediately reap the benefits of a deadlier Starbury, just line them up around the arc and have one of the big men roll with Marbury.

Mikki has finally put it into second gear the last couple weeks, he needs to amp it up to fifth for the playoffs. This is most likely the last chance you’ve got to earn some big money in the offseason Mikki, dont just accept the vet minimum/retirement ala Jon Barry.

The Wildcard:

Something tells me Billy Walker is going to have a huge game in the playoffs if he see’s enough Burn. Getting some minutes in the Chicago series could be just what the Doc ordered.

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