With every win comes some sort of loss

Today we received some very grim news regarding the injury that Leon Powe suffered last night in the Celtics 118-115 win. After injuring his knee in the 2nd quarter of last nights game, Powe was taken out of the game and sent to Mass General Hospital to get an MRI. What was orginally believed to be a sprain has now turned into something far worse. Leon suffered a torn ACL and meniscus tear and will be forced to miss the remainder of the season. Not only is this a big blow to the team, but also to Leon, who was heading into an offseason of free agency. I truely do feel terrible for Leon. There are only a handfull of big men in the NBA who have a heart big enough to put their egos aside, and do what is best for the team, no matter what the outcome for the individual is, and Leon is one of those guys. The beast lair will truely miss Leon, and we strongly advise Danny to resign Leon before somebody else gets a chance to talk to him. We salute you for your hard work and devotion throughout the past few years, and if the basketball gods decide that we are not worthy enough to see you in green again next season, then we shall truely miss you. You are and always will be a champion. LONG LIVE LEON!

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