The Straw that Stirs the Drink

I feel that way about the Bulls. They are slightly more talented than a depleted Boston team. They can control the boards without Kevin Garnett around. They have just as many options at the end of games. They will be positively frightening at home with their crowd behind them. (I see them winning Game 3 by 20-plus on Thursday night.)

“The dirty little secret of this series: Paul Pierce is wiped out. The dude played 108 games last season, then another 82 this season — all while waving a “come and get us, we’re the champs” bull’s-eye for every comer — and spent the past two months carrying a KG-less team on both ends. Now he’s wiped out and there is no real way for him to rest”

Celtics 107 – Bulls 86

Does this look like wiped out to you?

Coach Garnett was there making sure things got done right…

…and giving praise…

…and head bumps?

These are the guys that have apparently put Death Threats out on Tony Allen:

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