Fair Value Stats for the 2008-2009 Celtics (Courtesy of the HoopGeek)

Thanks to the Beastly work of the HoopGeek and his self made Tendenitis Stat, we have a very interesting look at the Fair Value Numbers for the 2008-2009 Boston Celtics:

Celtics Exp Wins (via TEN%): 61.26
Celtics Exp Wins (via Pyth^14): 63.50
Actual 2008-2009 Wins: 62

Player TEN+ Fair Value $
allen,ray 107 $9,023,868.27
allen,tony 89 $3,913,049.97
davis,glen 60 $1,922,441.37
garnett,kevin 172 $17,345,617.49
house,eddie 103 $5,188,066.44
marbury,stephon 72 $2,513,742.46
moore,mikki 63 $1,662,996.73
perkins,kendrick 109 $6,382,048.59
pierce,paul 145 $15,042,752.73
powe,leon 97 $3,990,450.78
pruitt,gabe 76 $2,196,393.88
rondo,rajon 179 $21,599,710.42
scalabrine,brian 80 $1,969,503.04
walker,bill 66 $1,746,200.31

Notes from the HoopGeek:A few comments. Glen Davis’ defense was absolutely horrible. Like Michael Redd 2004 defense. Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett all deserved places on the defensive teams. That Pierce still put up a 145 TEN+ while seeing double teams and not benefiting from the good floor spacing from teammates is beyond astonishing. Ray’s defense has regressed to his early Seattle days. It is obfuscated by being paired with Garnett, Perkins, Pierce, Rondo, Scalabrine and, believe it or not, Powe.

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