Reading the Tea Leaves

With speculation abound, its time the Beast Lair tosses their hat into the ring.

What we know:
KTAR reported the Celtics did some inquiring about Amare Stoudamire’s uncertain status with the Sun’s. The deal as reported was Ray and Rondo for Amare, Barbosa and the #14 overall Pick. They later rescinded some of the comments and mentioned Washington as a possible destination, but the numbers/players don’t work in a Wash/PHX deal.

The numbers do work in the proposed Boston/Phoenix deal, particularly in terms of PHX jettisoning some cash and an unhappy camper.

But what does this mean in Boston?
Are the negotiations for a Rondo extension not going where D.A. wants, thus other options are beginning to be explored?
Is this just a tactic to gauge Rondo’s real market value before contract discussions?

Ray Allen ($19.7 Mil), Brian Scalabrine ($3.4 Mil), Eddie House ($2.8 Mil (Player Option)), Tony Allen ($2.5 Mil) and JR Giddens ($1 mil) represent $29.4 Million Dollars in Expiring Salary for the 2010 Free Agency Market, that value will not be equaled by keeping these players (with the exception of Giddens who’s a long shot but could be a legit player).

The Amare deal would be contingent on the #14 pick and the player available at that spot. Say Ty Evans suddenly falls to #14 and the deal works out to Evans/Barbosa/Stoudamire, the C’s are happy campers.

Do we want to lose Rondo? Ab-so-lutely Not. But if it has to be done, so be it.

In a perfect world, what would we want to see? (if Rondo has to go)

How about Ray&Rondo for CP3&Peja?

The salaries work, New Orleans is DESPERATE to move either Peja or Ty Chandler and West/CP3 are the only chits they have. Common sense would dictate a Chandler/CP3 trade right? Rumor is that Ty’s turf toe is actually a lot riskier a proposition than one realizes. While he isnt too fazed by it now, one small tweak and he could be done forever. I don’t like Peja, but a few KG barks in his ear and he might be a bit more motivated!

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