Paging Dr. Rosenpenis: Back from the Dead and Endearing himself to the Beast Lair

“Kendrick Perkins doesn’t smile much.” -C.R.

Charley Rosen has definitely driven the ire of the Beast Lair more than once, but this offseason he seems to be the next lazarus man.

Exhibit A: These guys put some D in the NBA
Kendrick Perkins is rapidly becoming a space-eating, body-bumping defensive force in the shadow of the basket

Exhibit B: Who are the NBA’s tough guys and softies?
Tough Guys:
Kendrick Perkins: He plays with a perpetual snarl that mirrors his body-bumping game plan.

Exhibit C: Who are the NBA’s most underrated players?
Kendrick Perkins

This massive young man has always played fearlessly and aggressively, but lately he’s improved to the point where the Celtics trust him to make a post-up move two or three times in every game. His defensive recognition has likewise blossomed to the point where his area and man coverage is greatly enlarged. Being forced to take a back seat to Garnett, Pierce and Allen has allowed Perkins to mature without an undue amount of pressure, but the addition of Rasheed Wallace might stifle his progress altogether. In any case, Perkins represents the primary power component behind Boston’s most recent successes.

Let’s hope this trend continues and Charley does not have to feel the reckoning of the Beast!

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