Flight of the crack staff

As heat waves in Boston slap the back of the beast lair, the crack staff has been recovering from a hangover-esq sojourn. Receiving a letter of invitation to our humble Sensei’s house was legendary, but what happened while we were there was epic. The information and details regarding this trip are locked deep away within the confines of the lair to be kept for the ages. On the weeks following our return to Boston the Celtics make a total blunder by dissin’ our boys “Smilin’ Gabe” and “The Show”. What is going on in Danny’s head to say he has “nothing” for Leon. I promised that I wouldn’t have another total meltdown about what the hell Danny was doing, so we wont go there. Either way, we hang our heads that a man like Leon has to be seen Cleveland Crimson. Farewell Leon. Danny did real in the big fish with Sheed. Its just mind boggling to think of a bad ass big man corp. consisting of Perk, KG and Sheed. Wow. Sheed. I never thought I would be screaming “Sheeeeeeed” in joy rather than hate, but I cannot wait for it. Landing Glen for another couple years is so huge for the team.. Then Danny lands, or what the beast lair is hoping will be resolved soon landing of Marquis Daniels. I like Daniels, he a real spark off the bench. If he plays his role right, he should be great in green. And then we got another fresh big off the bench, Shelden “the landloard” Williams, which Big Clifford Ray shouldn’t have any problem molding into a great baller. There are no words to describe how excited we are for this season because every time we think about it our heads explode. The beast lair is back up ready for the season, are you?

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