The 2006 NBA Draft Revisited – Rondo vs Roy

20 Players were taken in front of Rondo, only one can be mentioned in the same sentence, Brandon Roy. Looking at the list, its an even sadder display. None of the top 5 picks lived up to their billling, 2 of the top 20 are out of the league, we’ve personally seen #5 & #9 overall in Boston riding some serious pine, a certain player from Gonzaga doesnt merit a notation even, overall its a sad list.

1. Andrea Bargnani
2. LaMarcus Aldridge
3. Adam Morrison
4. Tyrus Thomas
5. Shelden Williams
6. Brandon Roy
7. Randy Foye
8. Rudy Gay
9. Patrick O’Bryant
10. Mouhamed Sene
11. JJ Redick
12. Hilton Armstrong
13. Thabo Sefolosha
14. Ronnie Brewer
15. Cedric Simmons
16. Rodney Carney
17. Shawne Williams
18. Oleksiy Pecherov
19. Quincy Douby
20. Renaldo Balkman

Obviously the Celtics suffered a major loss incurred with the Brandon Roy/Sebastian Telfair swap, right? That might have been so, had Danny Ainge not purchased the Rondo pick from Phoenix at #21. Yes, its been raved about before, but looking back at that miserable top-20, true genuflection begins.

But the Celtics missed out on the Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy right? Roy the unanimous pick for Rookie of the Year, a two-time NBA All-Star and who was on the All-NBA Second Team last year. In 2007 it would’ve been considered sacrilege to mention Rondo and Roy in the same sentence.

Its 2009 now, many would still consider it sacrilege, but lets take a closer look at the comparison of Rajon Rondo and Brandon Roy:

Kevin Durant be damned, amazingly, last year Rondo had a higher +/- than Roy during the regular season. In 5 Player combinations, Rondo was part of all of the C’s top 5 player combos, whereas Roy only made it in 4 of the 5 for the Blazers. I would compare their post-season records, but its very specious to compare Rondo’s 40 Playoff games to Roy’s 6.


This is where Roy will be marveled upon for his scoring stats, but Rondo, who is sacrificing for team play, still holds up…
22.0 EFF 22.6 PPG 5.1 APG 4.1 RPG 1.1 SPG 2.63 AST/TO
18.8 EFF 11.9 PPG 8.2 APG 5.2 RPG 1.9 SPG 3.15 AST/TO

This is where Rondo is thrown under the bus for his poor shooting, etc. While its true that many teams play off of Rondo on D, forcing one of the Big 3 to face a double, something Roy would never see (well he’d see the double team instead), the numbers are still intriguing.
0.480 FG% (633-1,318) 0.377 3P% (211-581) 0.824 FT% (899-1,119)
0.505 FG% (383-759) 0.313 3P% (15-48) 0.642 FT% (172-268)

Yeah, the sample size is smaller for Rondo and he’s being asked to do less, but that also means he is not able to showcase his skills as much as Roy. Rondo accounted for 11% of his teams FGA whereas Roy was 20%. Still though Roy scores a lot more, by demand, the numbers aren’t that far apart.

What does this mean?
Not a whole lot to you or I, they’re two different players with dramatically different skillsets and other than being Starting PG’s for their teams not much else is similar. But if you are Bill Duffy, you have to look to the 14 Million Dollar Salary Brandon Roy is making next season as some sort of benchmark for Rondo.

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