Hail to the Chief

Kendrick Perkins joined exclusive company as one of 5 Starting Centers for a Championship Boston Celtics Team (Russell, Cowens, Parish, Tommy? & Perkins). There was some big props to the Sensei from one of those Legends in todays Herald, the Chief Robert Parish.

“He’s definitely a throwback,” Parish said. “Back then, there would have been a place for him, because he’s the kind of player who does things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. But you can tell he wants the ball now. He has a lot more confidence from his teammates.”

“I’m very pleased to see how much work he’s put into the offensive end. The big difference is that his teammates are showing more confidence in him. Now he’s more decisive about what he’s gonna do. Now he’s making moves with a real purpose.”

On the Big Man Guru Cliffy Ray:
“Clifford gets some credit,” Parish said. “But in this case, the majority of the credit has to go to the player.”

Of Course to Perk, its all in a days work:

“I’m just doing my job,’’ Perkins said. “Guys are just finding me. A lot of teams help off of me and I feel like I have to do a better job of diving to the rim. I just feel like guys are finding me and I got to make sure to try to be consistent and do something when I get the ball.’’

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