Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice A Day

Remember the Rope-a-Dope?

“I told my buddy to look at it like a kung fu teacher. I might teach you the lotus and I might teach you the tiger, but I’m not going to teach you the crane, because the crane can beat both of them.”Sheed

Yeah, thats the ticket, they’re lulling the opponents into false security. Some other quotes compiled by C’s-Hub:

Perk (via ESPNBoston): “How many wake-up calls you going to get?” asked Perkins after the loss. “We’ve got a lot of them, to be honest with you.”

Kevin Garnett (via the Globe): “Doc gives us direction,’’ Garnett said. “Guys have to go out there and follow the plan and execute. That’s all it is.’’

Rasheed Wallace (via the same Globe story): “We can’t sit up here and say, ‘Oh, it’s Doc’s fault that we lost.’ Or ‘Doc’s not doing this’ or ‘Doc’s not doing that.’ Doc’s not on the floor. It’s the five guys that’s out there. So we have to come up with ways to win.’’

KG again, (via the Herald): “We’re a team that takes a lot of pride in getting stops,” Garnett said. “We got to get back to that. Hearing it is starting to make my ears ring, but that’s what it is. And we will. We have no choice.”

That being said, Doc’s rotations STINK and his vision of Ubuntu is warped due to his own coddling of egos. His favoritism of certain players and banishment of others makes no sense, the Landlord vs Louisiana Fats is the epitome of this. Somehow “Defense” draws you playing time, but a guy that does dirty work and scores in the paint is left riding pine for an inept defender that does some scrappy scoring. Have I mentioned Scaly is a rock and never fades on Doc’s merry-go-round of minutes and always comes with energy. But I digress…

Tony Battie in green would actually be a very nice thing. He and his brother saved Paul Pierce’s life, that pretty much solidifies my respect for him. LobsterClaws on the other hand can enjoy his retirement.

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