The Throwback Big Man

Nice little piece in SI on the Sensei that we didnt mention yet:

The list is history, along with most of the players. Green is out of the NBA and Telfair and Jefferson are wearing different uniforms. And the one player who remains on the roster, Perkins, isn’t a cause for concern anymore. Boston holds a 2-0 series lead over Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals, thanks in large part to the rugged defense of the fundamentally sound Perkins, who has frustrated Dwight Howard and thrown Orlando’s offense out of whack. The Magic’s offense is predicated on teams swarming to Howard, freeing up their many prolific perimeter players. With Perkins hammering Howard and his 6-foot-11, 265-pound frame, Boston’s defenders have had the luxury of staying home on defense.

“Perkins is a throwback big man,” said Michael Finley. “A lot of big men are [in the NBA] based on their athletic ability and scoring from the outside. Perk takes pride in his defense. He gives us the ability not to double team, similar to what Tim Duncan gave us in San Antonio.”

Said Rivers, “Tree Rollins was like that. Dan Roundfield, too. I had those two guys standing behind me when I was playing. They were either going to block your shot or knock the heck out of you. A lot of teams in the league would take a guy you can throw down in the post and never have to double team.”

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