Post-Concussion Syndrome

“Jan had told him many times
it was you to me that taught
in Jersey anythings legal
as long as you don’t get caught”

I am truly disgusted with the ref’s ability to overlook repeated shots to peoples head, it is utterly ridiculous. We are not going to talk about Perk’s soon-to-be rescinded technicals, nor one particular referee goading Rasheed to give him a tech. We are going to talk about head injuries aka concussions. Brian Scalabrine knows firsthand the outrageous nature of some players receiving “superstar” treatment, weeks on end of pain and rehabilitation.

The NFL does not permit hits to the head, why does the NBA?

Dwight Howard has repeatedly, REPEATEDLY, gone at opponents head in this series alone. This is not just a short term attack, this can cause long term repercussions and he has no regard nor has a foul to face for it. Goodell would at least fine a player for that in a league where physical contact is a given, Stern needs to make an example of Howard and needs to ensure Perk is playing in Game 6, anything less is uncivilized.

“I am not fooled by tweeter’s curls, I knew him long before he became a Jersey girl”.

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