The Diesel comes to Boston

On Perk:
“Perk is a very tough defender; probably one of the best big defenders in the
league,” O’Neal said. “It was only on-the-court-battles-slash-marketing. He’s a guy that’s not going to back down, I’m not going to back down. So I think if anything it was good for TV.

“Now, being on the same team, I will give him all the knowledge I have accumulated over the past 18 years. Have we had battles? Of course we have. Have we had good battles and bad battles? Of course we have, but that’s all over now because we’re teammates.”

On KG:
“We’ve had many battles, many conversations, many times we’ve hung out and now for me to be here protecting him and playing with him, I think that’s going to give him a little more room to operate. He can go inside and outside, but with me down there keeping all the big guys off him, I would like to see him get a little bit more loose. He has one [championship], he should have three, so hopefully we can get this one together.”

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