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How to use WhatsApp Business Web and its features


For entrepreneurs to communicate with colleagues more smoothly so that business grows, now there is the WhatsApp Business Web . This is a service for users who want to use WhatsApp for business purposes.

This service can be downloaded for free and is available for iPhone and Android. WhatsApp Business Web has the same logo as ordinary WhatsApp. How to differentiate it on WhatsApp Business, the green speech bubble icon that is usually filled with phone symbols is replaced by a large letter B.

Just like regular WhatsApp, sellers can chat on the desktop via WhatsApp Business Web. In addition, the seller can provide information to the buyer by writing a business profile, closing hours of the store, to an email address and website.

Another plus, users can register fixed line telephone numbers in the WhatsApp Business Web application. But WhatsApp does not originate from receiving fixed line telephone numbers that are registered. Later it will be verified, to ensure the number registered is the property of the related business. This is done to ensure that one telephone number represents a certain business. So there is no duplication of business telephone numbers. As proof of verification, WhatsApp Business Web will embed a green check on the user’s business name.

On WhatsApp Business Web, you can review the statistics of messages sent and received. Therefore, business people can find out what messages are effective.

WhatsApp provides many features to facilitate business people in managing their accounts, specifically to respond to their buyers via chat.

Other WhatsApp Business Web features:

1. Quick reply with auto-dramatic answers. This helps the seller to provide the most common answers frequently asked by buyers.

2. Chat and contacts can be arranged with the label feature so that it is neater.

3. Chat filter. With this the seller can sort chats from either group personal messages or unread message lists.

Here’s how to use the WhatsApp Business Web application :

1. Download the WhatsApp Business web application on iPhone or Android. Then you will be asked to click on the text agree & continue

2. After that, you are asked to enter a phone number for WhatsApp Business. There is a choice whether to keep using the phone number on WhatsApp regular. If you continue to use your WhatsApp Regular phone number, you will be automatically logged out of the regular WhatsApp.

3. Enter a profile such as a photo and name of your business. Enter the type of business that is already listed. Additionally enter descriptions, business hours, e-mail and business website.

4. Create a Catalog

Enter your trade catalog on WhatsApp Business Web. This online storefront contains photo information on product prices. How to open the WhatsApp Business application, select settings and catalog. Then select add product, then select a product photo and include complete information with a maximum of 500 photos. Then save and a catalog list will appear in your account.

5. After that you will be connected to whatsApp Business Web messenger like WhatsApp normally.