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Selfie Photos Looks Natural Using This Method


Taking a selfie makes it easy for everyone to take self-portraits with the best possible pose. Results of photos selfie that looked natural tend to be preferred over the photo ‘pretty effect’.

The angle factor and the quality of the cellphone’s camera have an effect on natural but still impressive photos. In addition, there are several factors that support taking selfies well, as reported by various sources.

1. Lighting

Photos taken with adequate light conditions will produce bright and sharp results. Therefore, take a selfie in a place that gets light from the sun or lights. The direction of light can also be used as a natural effect to make photos look more attractive.

2. Avoid Backlight

Make sure the light is pointing at the face, not behind the head. Backlight will make the photo look dark. In addition, also avoid places where the light forms a shadow on the selfie object.

3. Take Pictures Slightly Sideways

Conscious or not, photos taken from the right or left side will look more attractive than from the front. Because, by taking pictures from the side provides a wider perspective than directing the camera parallel to the face.

4. Avoid Excessive Editing

If you want to get a natural photo, don’t edit the image excessively. Adjusting the brightness or contrast just a little doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t use effects that change the original shape of the face.

5. Create Expressions

No need to be confused looking for facial expressions forced when taking pictures, just show poses that are honest and spontaneous. That will make the photo look more natural than a style that makes you uncomfortable.